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Picture of SAYVERE


SAYVERE (pronounced "saviour") is an electronic music producer and songwriter hailing from Singapore. The project was born from a personal pursuit of melancholy after the artist lost his creative spark while working under a previous alias within the EDM scene. As an established artist at the time, SAYVERE embarked on a journey to rediscover what truly resonated with him about music.


Today, this same emotion lies at the heart of SAYVERE's music, which showcases his signature sound, regardless of genre, and reflects the dark, futuristic world of the persona he has created.


SAYVERE's passion for forward-thinking music has led him to share the stage with innovative acts such as MYRNE and San Holo at their live shows. He has already received organic support on the official EDC Las Vegas playlist, and most recently, was featured at the Esports Championship event Valorant Masters Berlin, cementing his status as an artist to watch.


Currently, SAYVERE is working on his debut EP, which draws inspiration from genres such as indie electronic and melodic house. The EP promises to showcase SAYVERE's unique vision and musical style.

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